Wednesday, January 24, 2007

James Webb for President

Until last night I was seriously considering not renewing my membership in the Democratic Party. That has all changed since having the privilege of hearing, with my own two ears, the best rebuttal yet of the Great Decider's ever expanding litany of lies. James Webb apparently has the courage that is so rare among the new found majority, in that he will tell the unvarnished truth whether it offends or not.

This quality is in desperate short supply, especially among the front runners of the race to 2008. Between Hillary's constant triangulating and Obama's baseless optimism it looked as if the choices were between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. No longer!

For years I have been preaching that the Democrats could combat Bush/Cheney Fascism by just telling the truth well and standing up for what they supposedly believe in, and it has taken 6 years and a former Republican to prove it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry-finally a Winner

John Kerry has finally had a belly full of the wingnut lies, fakery, deception, prevarication-whatever label you want to attach to the horrors brought to you daily by the ruling Fascist class. John "McFly" Kerry has finally reached the point where he can take it no longer and I, for one, am rejoicing.

You see, in the Orwellian fucked up country, a war veteran can be made to look as a coward and a war avoider can slide by as a tough guy. Rich people have convinced the plebian class that whatever is in the wealthy folks best interest is in the rest of our best interest as well. Iraq attacked us, but the suicide pilots were from Saudi Arabia. The stock Market is setting new records, but most people are earning less. Political/religious terrorism scares us silly, but economic terrorism practiced by our Corporate overlords is perfectly acceptable.

The Democrats need to ATTACK these Fascist bastards and never, NEVER apologize for anything. John Kerry may finally get it.

As for you fake Democrats who criticize John for telling the truth, if I have the opportunity to ever cross your path you better be wearing a cup.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The last few days have been extremely painful for the community of Nickel Creek, PA where 10 Amish schoolgirls were shot and so far 5 have died-possibly yet more. But an amzing thing has happened. In the midst of this grieving community an overwhelming outpouring of love and forgiveness has been extended to the perpetrator's family from the Amish community. Instead of hatred and revenge the Amish have chosen to actually practice the tenets of their Christian faith in their daily lives. And the test is if you can do this in the middle of dire circumstances.

The Amish have passed the test with flying colors.

Our society often views the Amish as quaint relics of a bygone agrarian era, perfect for taking pictures of to remind us of simpler times and the rustic country life. But there is more to the Amish lifestyle than fake reminicsing about bygone days. They truly live the life that they believe in, at least as well as they can surrounded by our gawking at their differences from our consumer driven society.

The message to the rest of us is to stop listening and emulating the FAKE Christians among us and they are aplenty. Instead watch how the Amish care for each other and their neighbors in time of crisis and compare that lesson to the people who would pontificate about so called moral values. The ones with the TV programs and radio programs and the elected hypocrites who claim they are Christian by mouth but not by deed. They are they ones to be pitied and yet exposed for their lies.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Despicable Clintons

I always believe in fair and balanced when it comes to exposing the rifraff that rule over us and this is one of those times when the supposed "other side" gets theirs. Bill Clinton is a hillbilly. Hillary Clinton is a closet Republican. Together they were part of the best Republican presidency of the last century. While presiding over unprecedented mergers and acquisitions, NATFA, weakened labor law enforcement, and, in general, corporate and big money ass kissing Billy Boy had us thinking he was the man. Unfortunately this hick likes hummers from secret admirers more than he likes thinking about his legacy or more importantly, the future of his Party. Billy had illicit sex, be we ended up getting fucked.
On the other hand, Hillary has her nose so far up the Neocon's ass that she can't or won't see the disaster that is unfolding in Iraq. Always remember that she was a Barry Goldwater Republican. As with that useless piece of shit, Joe Liebermann, she will be right on a few small issues, but will vote with the monied class every time. Hillary will LOSE if she is nominated, unless the Repubs run Mark Foley.

I have always maintained that a worthless Democrat is worse than an in your face bastard Republican, because at least from the Republican you'll see the knife.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Heros emerge in Pittsburgh

Belatedly, a group of ordinary Americans have risen up and demonstrated that they have the ability to throw a scare into the Predator Class. Yesterday while Jeb Bush was in Pittsburgh to raise money for that rat bastard Rick Santorum he was greeted with protestors who had enough balls to follow him close enough to scare the shit out of THE NEXT ANNOINTED NEOCON. He hid in a closet until the patriots could be escorted away. THIS IS THE WAY TO DEAL WITH THESE FASCISTS!!!!!!!!! Every time they stick their head out of their lair, it needs to become an opportunity to help them descend back into the abyss.

This episode should have been repeated over and over with Doofus and Lucifor. They should never have been allowed to spew their bullshit unimpeded to hand picked, ass kissing crowds. The lack of opposition gives propaganda its power.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Joementum= Piece of Shit Extraordinaire

This bloodhound faced piece of dog excrement is finally getting the kick in the nuts he has long deserved. He, of course, is with us on every single unimportant issue. But on the big ones, he is consistently and unabashedly wrong. I call it providing aid and comfort to the enemy and the good people of Connecticut have finally figured it out as well. Isn't it a little strange that the Sunday morning pundits have their little circle of favorite Senators they always turn to? And Jumping Joe Liebermann is at the top of their favorites list for the so-called Democrats. If they need a shill to parrot the Administration's bullshit, Joe will always come through. And to think this jackass was elected Vice-President!

Joe will probably sneak through the Primary and go on to get reelected. But us lowlife types have really put a scare into the DC establishment by daring to try to hold a Quisling accountable. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Post: The Despicable Clintons

Monday, June 19, 2006

Supporting a Dimwit means YOU"RE A DIMWIT

Here's a newsflash to the 30% of the population that still supports the crooks and liars of the current administration: Blindly supporting Bush and Cheney makes you complicit in their crimes. Use your fucking melon for something other than decoration. Everything these pricks have told you has been a lie. Every piece of their legislation benefits the super wealthy. Your precious civil liberties are being taken away, one by one, and you continue to justify it in the name of fighting terror. Have you been brainwashed or are you just criminally stupid to continue to support these Fascist pigs?

I know this sounds petty, but every car I see with a W sticker still attached gets a shit eating grin---and a middle finger from me. Invariably they will be found on a Lincoln Continental, or a Caddy, or a Lexus, or a Mercedes, or a big honking SUV.
Supporting a Dimwit means you're a Dimwit, or a fucking asshole. Take your pick!